Blushield – The World’s Number 1 EMF Protection Brand

Welcome to Blushield, a unique powered set of devices both portable and large area, designed to protect you from the scourge of wireless microwave radiation. This radiation is emitted from cellular phones which includes 5G and Wi-Fi.

We are the number one go to for EMF protection and are considered the number one brand that is the best-selling worldwide. 

We have distribution networks in the USA, Canada, UK, Australasia, Asia, UAE and Europe. When it comes to making a choice what brand to use for EMF protection 90% choose Blushield. Powered protection that produces a scalar field the body responds to, ignoring ambient EMF emitted from mobile phones, cellular towers and all wireless devices that emit a signal or Wi-Fi.

Hundreds of thousands of users report better baseline energy, better sleep, enhanced sense of well-being and mood. 


When Only the Best Will Do


Unfortunately, there are a lot of copycat products on the market that do not do what they claim. We at Blushield guarantee the effectiveness of our products and stand behind the technology that has been developed by our founder over the last 37 years. 

Blushield is proud to bring you the latest in EMF protection technology at an affordable price. Portable, wearable and large area devices that integrate into your lifestyle to deliver a healthier environment in which to work, live and play.


Options to Fit All Requirements and Budgets


We have the Phi Series which is the entry level for those who are concerned about price, but wish to still have decent protection from 5G. This entails a portable model 01 which is suitable for travel. This has a triangular hole in which a cord can be threaded to hang around your neck doubling as a wearable device.

The next is the Plugin 02 suitable for a small home, apartment, or office. Come with adapters to plug into different sockets around the world. Ideal for traveling. 

Also a large area model the Hex Cube 03 designed for larger areas and houses, apartments and offices. 

Be sure to select the Ultimate Series if you want the best protection and best quality product. The Ultimate series comes in 2 large area, 2 portables and 2 wearable devices.

Starting with, the large area protection devices the C1 and the B1. The C1 offers the strongest protection in the range suitable for 5G masts nearby and the B1 is ideal for sensitive individuals who are EHS.

The 2 portables the U1 and the T1 are similar in protection capability. The U1 sporting a larger battery for at least a day longer use than the T1. The T1 however is very small and can fit into any purse or small pocket. These are designed for in between protected areas and will keep one balanced when going to and from protected zones.


Wearable Devices for Protection on the Go


Last but not least the wearable devices. The W1 is a watch designed with protection in mind from 5G again for use when travelling and take the hassle of carrying a portable and functions as a watch too. It has 5 selectable watch faces and 3 languages. It uses red light to input the protection directly into the body via the skin. This will aid circulation. The X1 is a wearable pendant both stylish and effective. The use time on this model is less due to a smaller battery but it sure is stunning and cool to wear and look at. Doubles as functional jewelry and looks the part as it protects you from 5G when travelling or out and about.

There you have it, the Blushield EMF protection range protecting you 24/7 from 5G and other harmful wireless technologies. Get yourself protected today, get Blushield and rest assure you will have more energy, sleep better, and have more focus than ever before.